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If you regularly send quotations, estimates and/or proposals to your clients, then Track My Quote can help. We'll contact your client and follow up on your quotes thus increasing the probability of winning the job. 

No. We follow up your quotes exclusively. In doing so, 100% of our time is dedicated to chasing up the quotes you send without the distraction of other tasks. 

Getting Started

Rather than charging an hourly rate for a set number of hours each month, we charge a flat fortnightly fee for each quote we manage. This method guarantees that every quote is meticulously followed up. We don't clock watch, we do what clocks do; Keep going.

We are unable to offer a free trial due to the initial cost involved when setting up your account. However, we offer an amazing 50% discount off your first invoice.

Yes, however, there is no fixed-term and you're free to cancel at any time. Our contract is in place to clarify our arrangement so that you know exactly what to expect from our service.

About Track My Quote

All our clients are assigned a dedicated Virtual Sales Assistant to track your quotes. Your assistant will get to know you and your work processes which is absolutely paramount for consistent service. 


Our normal working hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and we observe all bank holidays in England and Wales. You will still be able to send us your quote to track outside of these times and it will be followed up on the next available working day. 

Using Track My Quote

No. You're under no obligation to send us every quote to track. However, whilst the primary objective is to convert those quotes into jobs - Track My Quote is also designed to impress your clients through the customer service they receive from us. The follow up will consist of personal engagement, nurturing, education, and helpfulness rather than the hard sell. Withholding certain quotes will mean that those clients will not receive the same customer service experience that others will. 

Use your best judgement. Whilst you may see it as a wasted exercise, sending us the quote will mean that your customer is contacted and cared for which will leave a positive impression regardless of how quick they accept the quote.

Every single quote you send us is followed up within the first 24 hours. After that, it depends very much on our expert judgement and the feedback we receive from your customer. On average we will look to make contact up to 12 times to help close a successful deal.

Until your customer accepts or rejects your quotation.  Additionally, you may tell us to stop tracking a quote at any time. All our reports will show how many days a quote has been active and, based on our interactions with your customer, a % probability of conversion.

Please let us know what you use to send quotes and we will investigate the possibility of integration. Integrating your quote software with Track My Quote will save you the time of having to send/update each quote manually. 


We've tested and approved basic integration with simPRO software using system notifications & email CC. This feature is an additional £15 per invoice (Fortnightly).




  • Email. We will set up a personalised email account with your business name when emailing your clients. (name@yourbusinessname.tmqs.co.uk)
  • Phone. A VoIP number will be assigned to your account. This can be a local or non-geographic number. This allows us to answer the phone with your own personal greeting. "Hello you're through to [YourBusinessName], how can I help?" 

Total Personalisation:

  • Email. You're free to assign us an email account using your own domain name for us to use. 
  • Phone. Via our VoIP provider, we can mirror your business number so that it appears as if we're calling from your business directly. For incoming calls, you can route one of your business extension numbers to our VoIP provider.

My Account

You will be invoiced on the 1st and 15th of each month and a Direct Debit will be deducted from your chosen account around seven days from your invoice date. 

Please put your cancellation request to us in writing via email at hello@trackmyquote.co.uk. After a cancellation request is received, we will stop tracking your quotations and your final invoice will be prepared. 

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