How It Works

Don’t let your quotes go to waste. Let us follow them up. Find out how Track My Quote can help your business close more deals.

How often do you follow up on quotes?

At Track My Quote, we do nothing but following up on quotes for you. You send your quotes, and we take it from there.

Outsource your quote management to us and free up your time. If following up on quotes is too time-consuming or just a pain, we’ll gladly take it off your hands. You get to concentrate on other areas of your business, while we take care of securing sales.

Track My Quote

What to Expect from Our Service:

Send us Your Quotation

You’ll be given a unique link to an online form. Simply upload your quotation and click submit.

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We make a series of follow-ups

When you submit your quotes, we follow up on them using phone and email. You simply let us work our magic.

We'll report the progress

We keep you up to date on the progress of your quotes. You receive fortnightly reports and get live updates on your quotes as things progress.

The Fortune is in the Follow Up

Successful sales require determined follow-ups. Pursuing your quotes to secure work is the way to make more money, more consistently.

How We Track Your Quotes

Your quotes are in safe hands with our tracking process. We use sales pipeline software to track your quotes as they move through each stage of the sales process, ensuring every quote is followed up. No quotes slip through the net.

1 / New Quote

New Quote

As new quotes come in, we mark them for immediate follow-up. Checking that customers have received the quote is the first step.

2 / Contacting


We begin to contact the customer, moving quotes to this stage of the sales pipeline. We use phone and email to contact the customer.

3 / Follow-Up


This is the longest part of the process, where most quotes will be at any one time. The follow-up process is usually repeated several times.

4 / Negotiating


When a customer has shown interest but wants to negotiate the terms of the quote, we work with them and you for the best deal.

5 / Closing


When customers want to proceed but haven't yet sealed the deal, we keep track of them here and prompt them if necessary.

6 / Quote Won

Quote Won

These quotes are officially complete, and a signed document for quote authorisation has been received. We'll let you know when a quote has been won.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started

If you don’t follow up on quotes, there’s not much chance of them coming back around. Pass your quote management to Track My Quote and increase your revenue.

Why Choose
Track My Quote

Track My Quote is focused solely on following up on your business quotes. You get dedicated assistance from an experienced virtual assistant who tracks all of your quotes to the end.

Just Follow-ups

We focus 100% on following up with your quotes. There are no other business matters distracting us from pursuing follow-ups with determination and knowledge. Our sole purpose is to engage with your customers.


Benefit from our years of experience in field service management and sales follow-up. We know what we’re doing and how to use the most effective techniques to move your quotes through the sales pipeline.

Learn and Improve

We provide feedback to clients when a quote has been lost to help them continually improve their own services. You’ll always understand why a quote hasn’t progressed wherever we are able to obtain a reason.

Boost Your Business

It’s simple: when you follow up on more quotes, you win more business. The more quotes we follow up for you, the better your chance of increasing your revenue.

No Need to Hire Staff

Use Track My Quote and avoid the complications of hiring employees. There’s no need for hiring and HR, holidays and payroll, contracts, or PAYE. You get a fully-qualified, experienced assistant to chase your quotes for much less money and with a lot less hassle.

Caring Customer Service

All quote recipients receive caring customer service that focuses on making them feel valued. By following up on your quotes, you gain an advantage on your competitors by showing that you care about their needs.

Easy Quote Approval

With our online purchase order, we make it easy for quote recipients to approve quotes online. Our simple system lets them accept quotes by filling in a quick form and adding a signature online.

State-of-the-Art Software

There’s no need for our clients to have expensive software for quote management. We have all of the necessary tools, and we know how to use them. Our CRM software allows us to keep an eagle-eye on all of your quotes.

Personal Sales Assistant

Your dedicated sales assistant is assigned to work with you and get to know you. Over time, they will get used to how you work, your preferences, and what you need to get the most from our service.

Insightful Data

We provide fortnightly reports and insightful data, including conversion rates and how much you’re earning. Keep improving your sales with the useful data that you receive, and understand how to avoid rejections in the future.

Personalised Service

Each client gets their own VoIP number, so we can answer the phone with your business name. We can also appear as your in-house team through both phone and email, providing a completely personalised service.

Secure, GDPR Compliant

Don’t worry about your data with Track My Quote. We handle everything confidentially and delete customer data as soon as a quote is no longer being tracked. Everything we do is compliant with GDPR legislation.


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We have a quick chat about your business, how many quotes you send, and how we can turn your quotes into thousands of pounds of increased revenue.

We follow up on your quotes

Once everything is set up, we get started on following up on your quotes right away. No quotes will slip through the net with our eagle-eyed approach.